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What Does a Person Deserve? - information 
about the public service film by Ken Kimmelman

Ken Kimmelman's Keynote at Boston University, Philippine Post
5 other articles on this and related subjects: Carol Driscoll, Cambridge Chronicle, Massachusetts; Gina Buffone, Bleckley County News, Georgia; Timothy Lynch, North Jersey Herald News; Ruth Oron, Miriam Weiss, Meryl Simon, Rock Island Argus, Illinois; Nancy Huntting, Santa Cruz Sentinel, California.

Links to Articles by and about the Speakers:
Barbara Buehler: "Housing: A Basic Human Right," American Planning Association website
Dale Laurin's letter "Housing for All" in Architectural Record 
Review of film What Does a Person Deserve? & United Nations Association Film Festival description

Biographical Information about the Speakers:
Ken Kimmelman, filmmaker
Barbara Buehler, city planner
Anthony Romeo, architect
Dale Laurin, architect

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