Independence Hall stands for human rightsHousing: A Basic Human Right                       

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We are interested in working together with all those who wish to protect housing, health care, public education, freedom of speech and other rights specified in The Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by  the United Nations in 1948, and for that purpose provide the following links. If you would like your organization listed below, contact us.

Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Aesthetic Realism Online Library

Alice Bernstein & Friends

American Planning Association

Gail McNeil, CUPE - "Social Housing Organization to Defend a 'Basic Human Right'"

Center for Economic & Social Reform

Citizen Action of New York

Harburg Foundation

Imagery Film, Ltd.

Jobs with Justice

Miriam Mondlin -  Rock Island Argus: No Child Should Go Hungry in America!

National Coalition for the Homeless

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty

National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness

National Center for Children in Poverty
Petition of World Conference on Human Settlements - Habitat II  
People's Movement for Human Rights Education

Student Worker Solidarity Resource Center

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN General Assembly, 1948